Fun for you

I myself was surprised when my partner came to me and told me that he had booked us in one place where we could try something unusual. And what we`ve never tried before. I thought for a while because I`d only been with my partner for a year and a half and I was quite taken aback and surprised that my partner might have known I`d done something in my life, we didn`t talk about anything like that. Like what we did and what we didn`t. Or maybe we didn`t really talk about sports, so I was kind of taken aback. Then it dawned on me that maybe my partner had asked my mom and/or my siblings if I`d just been doing the thing or the kind of experience that he just had for me as a gift and as a surprise.

Thew gun is not free.

I mean, I had a holiday in two weeks. Of course, we said we weren`t going to give each other any presents for the holiday, only then it dawned on me that he actually wanted to try this, too, and to make sure it wasn`t too bad that only he would try this out, so he reported me there, too. And you know what it was? I don`t think many people would be struck by this. Even I was shocked when my partner told me afterwards. And when we got to Prague.

Try shooting.

This was shooting range in Prague. Do you even know what a shooting range is? It`s kind of a place in Prague where you can actually really shoot with impunity and legally shoot them because really a lot of people who maybe can`t shoot or can`t have a gun license because maybe they can`t see badly, or they can`t have it or they don`t even want to do it because the gun license isn`t free. But there are also a lot of people that even if he doesn`t have a gun license, they would like to shoot a gun. Personally, I don`t see anything wrong with that at all, because if people really don`t want to hurt anybody and they want to learn something new, like shooting a gun, I really don`t see anything wrong with that. When people go to a place. Where they can shoot with impunity to appease their passion and try it out, too.